Suggestions to make your Aurora ride experience more enjoyable:

  • Use a liquid tube or tire sealant to help prevent the thorns or other debris from giving you a puncture.
  • Bring plenty of water summer or winter. Drink water often while riding.
  • Front or rear lights increase your visibility to other trail users and cars (if you are riding the on street trails).
  • Be polite. Use a bell or say "On Your Left" when passing other trail users.

Basic Bicycle Maintenance

Maps of the local area:

Pre-ride checklist:

1. Check wheels for straightness and proper installation into bike frame and fork.

2. Check tire pressure. Inflate as appropriate for rider weight and surface to be ridden on.

3. Check brakes (front and rear)  for proper operation.

4. Check shifting (front and rear) for proper operation.

5. Lightly lubricate chain (if needed)