We have been busy over the years and here are some examples of the things we have been up to:

2007: Assisted with production of bicycle/pedestrian safety video with City of Aurora Planning Dept.

​2009 to Present: Volunteering for Bike to Work Day stations at Aurora Municipal Center and Anshutz Campus stations.

2010 to Present: Funded the purchase of 46 bike racks in and around city parks. (Utah Park, Flanders Park, Olympic Park, Park Lane Pool, Expo Park, Hilltop Park, Aurora Reservoir, Spinghill Park, Moorehead Rec Center, Norfolk Glen Park, Red-Tailed Hawk Park, Tollgate Crossing, Triple Creek Trailhead, Fulton Park and many more!)

​2012: Grant match for Darby Lateral.

2013: Bicycle sign demonstration project

2014: Grant match for West Toll Gate trail replacement.

2016: Grant match for Arapahoe County Open Space grant for trail amenities and way-finding improvements Phase I - Toll Gate Creek project.

​2017, 2019, 2020: Funded summit registrations for City of Aurora Planners and Traffic Managers.

Throughout the years (2007-2022), Bicycle Aurora members and supporters have worked to contribute approximately $35,000 to the City of Aurora for bicycle infrastructure related improvements.

Other things our group participates in regularly:

Highline Canal Cleanup – annual volunteer group
Horseshoe Park Adopt a Park – organized trail cleanups
Colorado Cares Day – various park and trail projects 
Parks and Open Space Trail Stewards – 10 volunteers
Bicycle Aurora supports Bicycle Colorado as an organization member
Bicycle Aurora managed the Park-to-Park bike tour (30 – 100 miles) for several years to provide financial support for Bicycle Colorado
Provided volunteer support for VeloSwap for 17 years
Provided a Bicycle Aurora booth to promote cycling at City Health Fairs twice a year
Provided materials and labor to stencil street names for wayfinding at trail crossings

Some of our members have also served in the following positions: 

3 members served on Aurora Parks, Recreation and Open Space Board
2 members served on Arapahoe County Open Space Board
1 member served on Civil Service commission
4 members served on Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee, provided details needed for recommendation for annual budget line item for cycling infrastructure improvements
1 member served on RTD Board from 2008 - 2016

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